How to raid someone in minecraft factions

how to raid someone in minecraft factions

This site in other languages x. Thank you. Dealing with Staff: Remember to visit all rooms, and make sure there are no holes in the claim.

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Claiming removes the risk of any wandering miner accidentally entering your base, or from any enemies just entering without any chance at defence. If yes, quickly eat the opple, then when he looks away, immediately enderpearl right to him.

how to raid someone in minecraft factions

This point is of top priority, as I have seen an internal war in a faction just over food. Scouting spawn can save you resources in useful utilities. Drink elongated potion before battle or splash yourself with it during retreat.

Wire this up to some Redstone.

How do I find a base to raid?

Hit the enemy with several Knockback attacks. As soon as you see some, look around and up for a ground or a skybase respectively. Thanks for marking this as the answer. Can you come?

how to raid someone in minecraft factions

I could never write something like this. The two main traps are the lava floor and water floor. Make full use of or and get rich!! Finally, completely fill up the entrance with stone and conceal it from the surface.


You are now self sufficient! If raided properly, chances are that the faction members will not even realize that they are being raided and will continue in that base. The only downsides are that you will manually need to reload it, and it will also need tons of sand. In this guide, I will cover everything, from Potions to avoiding Donators. For obvious reasons, this should be the most well protected room.

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Minecraft Factions Raiding Tips - How To Find Bases to Raid!