How to pet rescue saga 196

how to pet rescue saga 196

Level 196 Cheat 2: If you can, line up the pet cages near a paint brush booster to paint the surrounding blocks the same color of the cages. This booster will clear out an entire column. If you are having trouble finding blocks that match the pet cages, look to use the rocket booster to help you break them free.

how to pet rescue saga 196

Use this in columns where you have metal blocks in your way. Go To Next Tip Pages: The paint buckets will be scattered around the board.

You will also be given the rocket booster. Level 196 Cheat 1: Level 196 Cheat 3: The board is only four blocks wide, however it is very long.

how to pet rescue saga 196

Make large combinations Next Tip Once you have the pets out of their cages, look to make large combinations on the board. The Answers Network is not affiliated with King. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Pet Rescue Level 196 Cheats and Tips

Look to make large combinations when you get the chance. The objective of Pet Rescue level 196 is to save 4 pets and score 15,000 points. These Pet Rescue level 196 cheats and tips will help you beat level 196 of Pet Rescue. Open up the pet cages Next Tip There is no hurry to open up the pet cages, but you do not want to get stuck towards the end of the level.

All intellectual property rights in and to Pet Rescue Saga are owned by King. You are here: Look to paint the blocks surrounding the booster to help you get rid of lone color blocks and make large combinations. The paint brush booster is a great way to make large combinations in this level.