How to make homemade wooden puzzles

Wooden assembly puzzles

That way the holes all met. The easiest way to make this puzzle is to glue two shorter pieces with a gap for the notch, gluing them to one of the longer pieces, and then repeating the process for the other long piece.

how to make homemade wooden puzzles

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how to make homemade wooden puzzles

I am just starting to get into woodworking, carving and restoring things, mostly my father and grandfather's wood things, mostly bookshelves and coffee tables. JJYork 8 years ago on Introduction. The Idea was to get the same hole in each piece, which I did achieve, even if they weren't centered. Even after scraping away excess glue in step 12 there may be some uneven edges along the glue joint or some glue smears.

I am glad they have been well-received. You are now ready to enjoy your new puzzle and show it off to others. If he has seen this before, or is very smart, he will solve it right away. Here you see the two halves of the puzzle separated. You can calculate your dimensions easily according to your material.

how to make homemade wooden puzzles

Then you can remove the clamps and scrape away any excess glue. My puzzles worked the first time. You can make this puzzle very easily with a hand saw by cutting and gluing Jenga pieces.

Wooden Centrifugal Puzzle

Must look out for some similar attachments for my saw: I have made a few to have on-hand. This creates a centrifugal force that flings the dowel pins outward from the center and releases the two pieces so one can easily be lifted from the other.

I hinted at the solution in the title of this Instructable. Hi All!

how to make homemade wooden puzzles

Or you can find your best method. Assembly Table With Storage.

how to make homemade wooden puzzles

This Puzzle is similiar with: If you want you can make pieces longer or you can change their end shape.