How to make a soss hinge jig

The Case of the Missing Hinge: Trouble Installing a Soss Hinge

At this point, I was starting to feel like there was a dark cloud over my head, at least when it came to the Soss 204. They require a special hinge boring bit though for their installation and a drill press for offset and depth accuracy.

He said he was glad I brought it up, because the paper template is intended and needs to be accurate. Attach the bit on your drill making sure its all tight and the spacers do not move up and down and drill some test holes to see if the depth and offset is correct. Trouble Installing a Soss Hinge 2018-01-22 2018-06-21 https: A concealed hinge or at least what I know as, is a cylindrical hinge about 14-mm in diameter with a series of plates to make up the hinge joint. We need to make a fence for our jig so when we place the jig on the cabinet door, to give us the same distance from the center of the hole to the edge of the cabinet door.

Not strictly a concealed hinge.

how to make a soss hinge jig

The exact dimensions for their placement can be found on the provided plan. The Soss was on the docket for day two of that week.

how to make a soss hinge jig

I considered my options, mindful of the impending deadline. Finally use a file to clean up any rough edges onside the slots.

Woodhaven SOSS Hinge Jigs

Here is the link to his video: There are always ways to make duplicate cutouts with cleverly made jigs. Thanks so much for providing proper instructions along with the video.

DIY Concealed Hinge Jig

They went in like a dream. MrParusnik 1 year ago. I do like the Concealed hinge designs as well. Again dimensions provided in the plan. That was what I attempted to do the next day, but the slot I produced was not the right size.

how to make a soss hinge jig

Use a 8mm drill bit to start drilling two holes, one on each side of the slot and then use your jig saw to open the slots. It's concealed only as far as you can't see it with the door closed. The lay on hinges are also concealed hinges but they do not require a hole.

Making the slot, which involves two depths the deeper part for the mechanism, the shallower part for the plate , was a piece of cake.

how to make a soss hinge jig

You can make the grooves with your radial arm saw by lifting the blade 4mm above the table or on your table saw using a miter sled. Cut a 10 x 26 cm rectangular piece of 12 mm thick Baltic birch plywood. We need to cut two 10 cm pieces of it and fit them inside the grooves on the jig and one more 26 cm long for the fence.