How to donate your organs while alive

how to donate your organs while alive

Fill out the form below or call 833-683-3555 for more information. There is always the risk of complications from surgery, such as pain, infection, pneumonia, bleeding, and even death.

You can donate bone and amniotic membrane part of your placenta as a living tissue donor.

how to donate your organs while alive

All major religions allow organ donation. If you donate to your provincial organ donor organization, your organ will go to an anonymous person. Living donors can donate these organs, although some provinces may not have programs to transplant some of these organs: Cells in the remaining lobe of the liver grow or regenerate until the liver is almost its original size. Most people can be organ donors.

how to donate your organs while alive

Living donors potentially can donate: Back to the top. There can be financial concerns due to possible delays in returning to work because of unforeseen medical problems. The benefit of saving another by becoming a living donor must be weighed carefully against the risks that come with any major surgical procedure, as well as financial considerations.

how to donate your organs while alive

The additional expenses that a living donor experiences, including the loss of wages, child care expenses during recovery, food, lodging and travel costs, are not covered. As long as the organ you donate is healthy, there are a lot of health conditions that won't prevent a successful donation. Flexible scheduling allows the transplant to take place sooner which can save recipients valuable time on the transplant waiting list.

Healthwise Staff Medical Review: Donating to someone you don't know Donating a kidney or part of your liver to someone with whom you have no previous existing relationship is called non-directed altruistic donation.

Can I Donate Certain Organs While I’m Still Alive?

Find a Doctor. A healthy donor faces the risk of an unnecessary major surgical procedure and recovery. Living donor liver transplantation has been successfully performed in the UK since 1995, but is more commonly performed in children than adults.

All of the major religions in this country approve of organ and tissue donation and consider it a gift — an act of charity.

Myths and Misconceptions of Being an Organ Donor