How to do cover copy compare spelling

Master Spelling or Sight Words: Joseph, L. How To: Continue until all words on the sheet have been copied and checked against the correct models. STEP 3: CCC Spelling Silently read the first word on the list of the left side of the paper.

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how to do cover copy compare spelling

Two or three words from prior lists should be included in new sets to promote retention. Sign Up For Website Updates.

How To: Master Spelling or Sight Words: Cover-Copy-Compare

Paul H. Description Cover, Copy, and Compare CCC is a self-managed intervention that can be used to enhance accuracy in spelling, vocabulary, word identification, or other academic subject areas. Psychology in the Schools, 49 2 , 122-136. STEP 2: Students can also be given the opportunity to reflect on the strategy.

how to do cover copy compare spelling

Use explicit instruction explanation, modeling, guided practice, independent practice to teach CCC to students. If the spelling is incorrect, repeat the procedure with the word before proceeding to the next word.

how to do cover copy compare spelling

During the Cover-Copy-Compare intervention, the student is trained to follow these self-directed steps for each word: CCC Spelling: Vocabulary worksheets with 10-15 vocabulary words listed on the left side of the sheet and blank lines on the right for writing each word and corresponding definition.

Next, use modeling- Use a think aloud strategy, and voice aloud the thought process behind each stage. Explain the strategy. Enhancing foreign language competency using the cover, copy, compare technique: An analysis of initial acquisition and maintenance of sight words following picture matching and copy, cover, compare teaching methods.

how to do cover copy compare spelling

This may need to occur over the course of several days based on the needs of the students.