How to color natural curly hair red

Follow Me! I have been pointed at in the store, called carrot top on social media and some more stuff.

Keeping up with hair color trends is almost as hard as keeping up with the Kardashians. Skip navigation! Whether that's planning a long weekend in a new city or a date night at. One day neons greens and pastel pinks are all the rage and the next a new blonde or brunette highlighting technique pops up. No Comments. If you want to dye you hair I always recommend going to a stylist that specializes in hair color.

Even though I go to a stylist to get my hair professionally dyed, I also maintain my color at home in between visits to the salon. A stylist will be able to advise you on the type of colors that will work well for your hair, as well as create a personalized regimen to follow at home to prevent breakage.

how to color natural curly hair red

I will be showing you the process of how I achieve my hot red hair color, as well as how my stylist trims my ends and straightens my natural hair. Amber is a Christian Lifestyle and Natural hair blogger at curlycorner. I also love catching up with my stylist and having girl talk.

Red Hair Color | How to Dye Natural Hair Red

First, we buy a hat. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all engage in destructive hair habits — bleaching every eight weeks, daily blowouts on the highest heat setting,. The crimson trend is still alive and well in the natural hair community, though it goes beyond just being a flattering tone on deeper complexions.

how to color natural curly hair red

Back in the day, different shades of burgundy and red were very common to see on women of color, whether their hair was permed or natural. After years of weekly blowouts, my hair was looking limp thanks. Today you get to go to the salon with me, minus all of the time I have to sit under the hairdryer!

how to color natural curly hair red

From red velvet tint, mulled wine, to copper, there's a million different ways to embrace the shade. Because of this, those burgundy and red tones are easier to achieve, especially if you're coloring your hair at home because lightener is hardly ever involved.

Why Red Is The Easiest Color To Rock If Your Hair Is Natural

Now, switching up our hair is how we outwardly display what's going on inside. Back in the day, mood rings were our way of expressing how we really felt. The key to powering through the last few weeks of winter is keeping yourself busy. Red Hair Color Salon Visit.

how to color natural curly hair red

Many of them achieved the color with at-home box dyes or temporary color rinses. Something about going to the hair salon makes me feel like a new woman.