How to cast sea storm grepolis maps

Also, if you launch attacks to clear the city at the same time as you send the colony ship to kill the units early and avoid them being there to snipe the colony ship later , knowing what's in defense helps you determine how much you need to send ahead. However, if you send two attacks consisting of, for instance, 1200 slingers and 50 catapults, you can manage to knock down the city walls before your attacks arrive. Kal Gordon , Apr 14, 2017.

How Does Seastorm Work

Keep pushing. Good but not for first city. If that city is a slinger city, the CS will have to defend against those slingers on the same second that it lands. Refer to advice on Divine sign.

Probably one of the largest mistakes new players make when first building their city is choosing the wrong research in the academy. So, if the city has a total of 2000 population worth of units, any attack would have to contain at least 60 population worth of units.

casting sea storm

There is no "Best" God, they all have their uses, and you will realize that once you start using all of them. That means that if I send an attack, it could arrive up to 12 seconds earlier or 12 seconds later.

It does reduce the attack power of your main wave though and in some situations its not such a great idea to use it. A horseman takes me over an hour so this will be a big help, especially if allies are feeding you up for a big assault.

That sucks! Have fun, Fyathyrio. Once you get your second, third, and fourth polis you will be adding a new God with each conquer to your Arsenal. Cast it on a city and the wall will go down 1-3 levels. You should not send too many units into a ghost town and before sending them, send 1 unit to check if it is actually being farmed.

Push him to defense but be smart about it. When you plan things ahead you decide when and where battles will take place. These can be purchased through the merchant also. Yay planning. Most players just quit the game at this point.

Make your attacks unpredictable or try to trick the enemy I wrote more about it in the guide about organising operations. Posted by Reprobate: If you send it back immediately it can then be utilised against your or your alliance friends more efficiently. This even applies to whoever sent the attack at you. Now I'd like to pass my little bit of knowledge along to you and hopefully help you advance quickly also in the battle for Ephesus!