How tall is rihanna 2013

Regardless of her height however, Rihanna always stands out because of her distinctive style.

how tall is rihanna 2013

This is no wonder she is a huge fashion icon because she not only has the style and grace but the perfect model body to back it all up. She swapped her gown for red leather pants and a long sheer top for her performance of "Cockiness Love It " and "We Found Love. Rihanna has such a staple style, distinctive to just her, which makes her a unique pop icon.

Her allure comes from the fact that she is very confident in her skin, something young girls should emulate. Since then, Rihanna has gone on to record hits with top names in the industry making her a house hold name both in the U.

How tall is Rihanna in feet?

She is often looked up to as inspiration for weight goals. In true Rihanna style, she showed up at the 2008 show with a whole new look.

how tall is rihanna 2013

Who Is His Girlfriend or Wife? She looked like a literal princess.

How tall is Rihanna?

She then changed into a feather-trimmed bra, as one does when you're performing four times at the VMAs. She's just like us.

how tall is rihanna 2013

The young singer was the first black woman to ever be the face of Dior, way to go Rihanna! Then it was time for the red carpet, where she wore a mini A-line silk dress with sequin embellishments.

The shift from 2006 to 2007 Rihanna is jarring and incredible.

how tall is rihanna 2013

With that many appearances over the course of her continuous style evolution, it's only obvious that she's given us some great and memorable looks. Part of the celebration which she often attends is the Barbados Carnival, where she gets very festive with her often revealing costumes. Riri was alllll over the VMAs in 2006.

how tall is rihanna 2013

Rihanna could probably wear a fedora right now and I would go out and buy one. Probably because she is.