How old is lauren harris dungy

In fact, they were foster parents early in their marriage. He is presently aged 63 years old and is happily married to wife Lauren Harris. He has been awarded the Indianapolis Colts Ring of Honor in 2010 for his contributions to football and later in 2018; he also received the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ring of Honor. You can find them on Amazon. Tomorrow is the BIG day! Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Tony was smart and respectful, and he had gorgeous brown eyes. Answers Relevance.

How old is tony dungy wife?

Their eldest son, James Dungy, committed suicide at the age of 18 in the year 2005. Related Posts.

how old is lauren harris dungy

What is the most overrated play in NFL History? On a short bio about the former school teacher Lauren Dungy, we found; she is an early childhood educational specialist, best-selling author, and frequently sought-after speaker. In the following year, the Pittsburgh Steelers signed him as a defensive backs coach where he worked on to become the defensive coordinator later. They wrote a book together, Uncommon Marriage: Tony Dungy or Bill Parcells?

Tony Dungy’s Wife Lauren Harris

In 2014, the happy couple wrote a book entitled, Uncommon Marriage: In her book, she explains:. Tony Dungy Wife.

how old is lauren harris dungy

He is also associated with writing books. The career of Tony Dungy as a coach began in 1980 when he joined the University of Minnesota as an assistant coach. Beause our church talked about it, adoption felt natural to Tony and me. Lauren and her husband, Tony, have been married for 31 years.

Tony and Lauren Dungy Talk about their new Children's books

The nonprofit works with Christian organizations, pregnancy care centers, and youth programs in Florida, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Indiana. Robert Kraft is special people and law enforcement should leave him alone?

His annual salary earnings, as well as his income from his book and present occupation as an NBC broadcaster and sports analyst, have been responsible for developing his total assets and properties.

how old is lauren harris dungy

They have made a conscious effort not to make any differences between their adopted and biological children so they rarely comment on the matter. We believe that having an uncommon marriage is living your life for the Lord and serving him.