How it s made hockey pads batman

Related Video Up Next. Steve Ott wore a Batman cape to six flags recently. One of them asks "What's the difference between you and me?? Batman in particular is one of the most well-liked subjects on both screens. Klint Finley Klint Finley.

Of course, it's got some great hockey-puns too. In 'Real' Life People dressing up as Batman is common.

Video: The Dark Knight's "Hockey Pads Batman"

For example this one from Christian Bale's Batman after he encounters some Batman imposters. Perhaps more incredible is a scene where the Crime Fighters click their heels in unison and reveal their boots have skate blades on them.

how it s made hockey pads batman

Emily Dreyfuss Emily Dreyfuss. This time he's laying out some serious cross-checks in another serious battle.

Bardown More. Most importantly his work with Robin shows that he's a team player. It was titled 'Murder Masquerade! Take a look at the whole thing here: View Comments. Now Showing. A less popular Batman and Robin also took to the ice in 1997 as they battled Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Evgeni Malkin donned a bat Cape with a mini Dark Knight on his Instagram feed Speaking of the "Penguins", goalie Ken Wregget wore a mask featuring one of Batman's famous enemies in 1995.

how it s made hockey pads batman

We'd even like to imagine one NHL coach in particular who would look great with a Batman mask You'll see 'dress up' Batman in many different hockey scenerios. As you can see The Dark Knight is decisively winning 16-2 over his young crime fighting partner. The legend of caped crusader does not end there.

how it s made hockey pads batman

Brian Barrett Brian Barrett. Many people love to dawn the mask or cape in real life to embody the essence of the famous crime fighter.