How fast should my comcast internet be

how fast should my comcast internet be

Your Internet connection speed can mean the difference between life and death — at least when it comes to online games. How Xfinity Products are Designed for All.

XFINITY speed test

Should my download speeds be faster than 1. I pay to download actual files Adam: Upload speed is the rate that data is transferred from your computer to the Internet, like posting a picture to social media. How Internet Speed Is Measured.

how fast should my comcast internet be

They said they would wait 5 minutes well it took a little longer and they were gone when i got back. Previous Tips What cheap items to buy in October. Comcast also takes its responsibility to provide a safe and secure online experience very seriously, offering a comprehensive security website at https: They aren't because Im being throttled by comcast on bittorrent and all other file downloading protocols.

Need for Speed: Choosing the Best Connection Speed for Online Gaming

Please stay online while I am processing this on my end. I have a router but the speeds are the same on a direct connection.

how fast should my comcast internet be

What is a Good Internet Speed? With Xfinity xFi, you can troubleshoot WiFi performance by device so everyone can get the speed they need. I have blast tier internet yet my download speeds never get past 1.

how fast should my comcast internet be

Please share this information with everyone. You have the power to improve your WiFi performance just by where you place your Gateway.

how fast should my comcast internet be

Other internet service providers in your area may have a different range of internet speeds and plans available. Test your internet speeds today Powered by openspeedtest.


Burst size: View High-Speed Offers. How fast should my downloads be. Xfinity Forum Archive About the archive project.