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Tutorial: Azure Active Directory integration with Workday

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The Workday user provisioning workflows supported by the Azure AD user provisioning service enable automation of the following human resources and identity lifecycle management scenarios:. The agent does not store the credentials locally on the server.

This setting is not used for user search or update operations. Use the function NormalizeDiacritics to remove special characters in first name and last name of the user, while constructing the email address or CN value for the user. The following sections describe steps for configuring user provisioning from Workday to Azure AD for cloud-only deployments.


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Tutorial: Configure Workday for automatic user provisioning

Workday supports many hundreds of possible user attributes, which can either be standard or unique to your Workday tenant. I agree on the FUD. Refer to the Troubleshooting section for instructions on how to review the audit logs and fix provisioning errors. Yeah, I was one such person. So, no.

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