How does fishman karate work your body

So I could figured that a few years before that when Ace faced Jinbe Ace is a novice with his fruit hence his tangibility wasn't on par with said Crocodile. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Block C: I have read various vs thread.

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With this, Capote and Monda can pull the Cutie Wagon more easily through raging currents. Welcome to Gaia! I always thought that Jinbe blocked Akainu's punch all the way back when after Luffy fell unconscious, was by Jinbe's Haki. Well hope you guys enjoy this cause I had fun making it and I'd like to hear which one you the good people of Amino think is more effective just leave it in the comments nothing more to say except: Customize your own avatar now!

The manga explained jinbe's martial art, not whether he had the generic ability that haki is. Forums New posts. So without further ado let's begin.... Like 143. Accept Learn more…. Former Members: Media New media New comments.

That was explicitly denied by the explanation of how his Fishman Karate was able to hurt Luffy. According to Jinbe , the secret of Fish-Man Karate is mastery of the water in the user's direct vicinity, using its power to send powerful waves impacting the water within the opponent's body.

While deadly enough on land, Fish-Man Karate has a number of devastating underwater moves designed to be suitable with the Fish-Man strength and speed along with the mobility that goes while under water and, in some cases, a fish-man's personal adaptation fins, teeth, etc. It is unknown as to how strong this technique is, compared to either his Karakusagawara Seiken or his Gosenmaigawara Seiken.

It shouldn't have hurt him. Jimbei wouldnt stand a chance even if assumingly he can manipulate water,. Anime Only Members: Karate, it's also considered as a "Technique" to me, but whether there's anything underneath it, say, Fishermen has something else that is 'naturally' DF-like that would allow such thing, I don't know. But in the past, he had injured Ace.

Fish-Man Karate

Energy Steroid. I don't think that is an indication that he could not use ice in battle specially if he got a hole through his chest. Featured post Buggy Pirates Respect Thread: As for jinbe having haki, I would personally find it weird that he didn't have it. See Merman Combat is the primary fight style for merfolk but I've only seen the royal family officially using it.