How air turbine starter works but engine

14.5.2. Turbine starters

The exact sequence of the starting procedure is important since there must be sufficient airflow through the engine to support combustion before the fuel-air mixture is ignited. Valve pressure regulated too low. Starter runs, but engine does not turn over. In both of these types of engines, you need to get the main shaft spinning to start the engine.

Gas Turbine Engine Starters

The starter is itself started by using a small electric motor, compressed air or hydraulic power from the aircraft system. The gas is forced out of the breech to the hot gas nozzles that are directed toward the buckets on the turbine rotor, and rotation is produced via the overboard exhaust collector. The output shaft assembly and drive coupling continue to turn as long as the engine is running. Engine Removal and Replacement. Aircraft Engines.

how air turbine starter works but engine

Remove and replace starter and check air supply filter. Engine Maintenance and Operation.

Air Turbine Starters

In addition to the above mentioned elements the air turbine starter has a unit of air input as an air valve or shutter. Figure 5-14.

how air turbine starter works but engine

Check air source pressure. When the bleed valve and the start valve are open, the regulated air passing through the inlet housing of the starter impinges on the turbine causing it to turn.

how air turbine starter works but engine

Oil level too high. Starter cutout switch shorted. Engine Fuel and Fuel Metering Systems.

how air turbine starter works but engine

Air turbine starter system troubleshooting procedures. In either case, the starter receives a reduced air pressure of 2413 kPa. The slope of the cam track is designed to provide small initial travel and high initial torque when the starter is actuated.

how air turbine starter works but engine

Tighten vent and oil filler plugs as necessary and lock wire. Turbine Powered Airboat Project - nice discussion of starter and ignition Turbo-charger based Gas Turbine Engine Small gas turbine Gas turbine generators America's first gas turbine car The Turbinator Harrier starter -- interesting -- one gas turbine engine is used to start another! Figure 2 is a cutaway view of an air turbine starter. Schematic of the gas turbine starters: The usual high-pressure bottle will provide enough air for two restarts without recharging.