Honda civic misfires when warm water

3 confirmed cylinder misfires and one random misfire

The EGR valve was replaced and it didn't go away. As a temporary measure you can open the radiator cap when cold and fill with coolant while idling the engine. Did you ever have the timing belt or water pump replaced? A wave of water came over my hood and windshield. And it runs perfectly. I don't recommend driving it if you can avoid it. So i just switched out the ICM from the distributor and still didn't make a difference, next to check injectors and pray thats the problem...

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But I have the same symptoms. No new notifications! The O2 sensor was mounted on a little flat metal stem off the intake manifold, and some oil from an iffy valve cover gasket had seeped down the underside of the stem and found its way into the O2 sensor, fouling it.

honda civic misfires when warm water

Shipping Schedule. Sensor was changed about 4 years ago.

honda civic misfires when warm water

I have no idea heard it could b plug wires. The recommended a local garage. That continued until I got home.

honda civic misfires when warm water

Attempted remedies: Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. NO chance. I have honda civic 2003 1.

honda civic misfires when warm water

I explained what I have done so far. It's a five speed manual trans.

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Good luck. Not even the coil was bad.

honda civic misfires when warm water

Turns out the spark plug wires are bad even though they are only a few years old.