Four yards is how many inches

And we just have to remember there are 12 inches per yard.

four yards is how many inches

Let me rewrite this, just as a bit of review. Yards times feet per yards.

How many inches are in 1/4 yard?

We're still going to have 2 as a denominator. And that makes sense because we should have more feet than yards. Main content.

four yards is how many inches

Just so we can take this in baby steps, maybe we convert this into feet first, and then once we have it in feet, then we can convert it into inches. That's the same thing as 4.

Convert 4 Yards to Feet

This will cancel out. You multiply that by 12, it makes sense.

four yards is how many inches

Current time: If I'm going to have 2 yards, I'm going to have 6 feet. Next tutorial.

Converting yards into inches

And we're going to want to multiply by 12, because however many feet we have, we're going to have 12 times as many inches. Converting yards into inches. And actually, this should be three times more, so everything makes sense.

So if I have 1 yard, I'm going to have 3 feet. There are 3 feet per yard. And the feet and the foot, this is just the plural and the singular of the same word. Converting feet to inches. To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser. And you have 27 times 12 divided by 2 inches. So this will be-- if we just rearrange the multiplication, view it as everything is getting multiplied, and when you just multiply a bunch of things, order doesn't matter.

Let me do it over here in the top right.

Convert Yards to Inches

Another way to think about it is however many yards you have, you're going to have more feet, right? Now, whenever we're dealing with fractions and we're going to multiply and divide by fractions, it really complicates the issue to have a mixed number.

Math 4th grade Measurement and data Converting units of length. I'm just swapping the order.

four yards is how many inches

Units of distance U.