Fluoxetine withdrawal how long does it last

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fluoxetine withdrawal how long does it last

The decision to go off antidepressants should be considered thoughtfully and made with the support of your physician or therapist to make sure you're not stopping prematurely, risking a recurrence of depression. These episodes have physical symptoms including chest pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, sweating, dizziness, and nausea.

Going off antidepressants

Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life. It is like this article is talking straight to me. Besides easing the transition, tapering the dose decreases the risk that depression will recur. Anyone deciding to stop taking antidepressants should first talk to a doctor.

fluoxetine withdrawal how long does it last

This popular antidepressant has a very long half-life, meaning that after you stop taking it, it leaves your body more slowly than most other SSRIs.

Some people have symptoms that last several months. The mean duration of withdrawal symptoms reported by those discontinuing the use of SNRI drugs was 50.

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How Long Does Antidepressant Withdrawal Last?

In a Harvard Medical School study, nearly 400 patients two-thirds of them women were followed for more than a year after they stopped taking antidepressants prescribed for mood and anxiety disorders. Since these may be the reason you were prescribed antidepressants in the first place, their reappearance may suggest that you're having a relapse and need ongoing treatment.

They may decrease the benefits e. Some cases have been life threatening.

fluoxetine withdrawal how long does it last

You would have avoided your prolonged misery… and the unforeseen delay in gratification. I know several people on anti-depressants and none of them have been off of them since they started. Stay active. To that end, we want you to be aware that AddictionCenter is compensated by Delphi Behavioral Health Group for the work AddictionCenter does in the development and operation of this site.

We are now an in-network treatment provider for Anthem Blue Cross, accepting plans such as: An important factor in the duration of withdrawal is how long the person took antidepressants. I thought she was an employee there, but she told me after the show she had a breakdown when her doctor stopped her anti-depressant prescription cold turkey.

fluoxetine withdrawal how long does it last

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Antidepressants balance chemicals in the brain that regulate sadness and anxiety. Some people who stop taking antidepressants relapse into a depressive state that is not a symptom of withdrawal. Take your time.