Episode of house where kutner dies

'House' Series Finale: House Fakes His Own Death To Spend Wilson's Final Months With Him (VIDEO)

Luckily, he and the rest of his team survived when the other team's actions cost the patient his life. I have watched every episode of House. We can buy Taub having attempted suicide in the past because we can see he is a conflicted, tormented person; we could have bought it with 13 because of her illness. One such example is when he decided to break the world record for distance crawling.

episode of house where kutner dies

Despite his success, Kutner committed suicide in the episode "Simple Explanations". Kutner is also the only fellow who seems to not only not mind but to enjoy the crazy tasks that House sends him on.

episode of house where kutner dies

The Episode itself was interesting with Taub showing little sadness over Kutner until the very end. A fitting end?

episode of house where kutner dies

In " Emancipation ", Kutner was able to identify with the patient when he believed that she had lost her parents. Project Zero Impact: Since House M.

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It would be considered selfish bc they died so he could live. As sad as this episode was for me, I also think it's one of the best I've ever watched. The elusive nature of House's personality, arising from the conflict between what he says he believes and what we wish to believe about him, is a major driving force of the show. If it had been 13, people would have said it was because of her illness. Share this page: However, his adoptive parents continued to encourage him to explore his Indian heritage.

Lawrence Kutner

Later in the episode House went to Kutner's apartment and declared he had been murdered, but this was primarily because House could not fathom the idea that he had not seen his suicide coming.

As Charlotte was dying, he gave her all he could, and what she most needed: Contents [ show ].

episode of house where kutner dies

Lawrence Kutner. Kathy Borror, 10 April 2009.

episode of house where kutner dies

They tried to resuscitate him, but to no avail as he had been dead for several hours and his body was cold.