Dq8 where to find metal slimes dragon

In-Game Description. Unfortunately, you're not going to have access to a lot of equipment at this point but if you went spear for hero or axe for yangus, you can probably make some good experience.

Metal slime hunting - Guide for Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

With that, you can outrun the Metal Slime. Each could critical or simply give you 2pts of damage.

dq8 where to find metal slimes dragon

This may arguably be the best spot to grind levels since only regular Metal Slime are found here which are the easiest to kill out of all the Metal Slime variants and are encountered in groups.

It doesn't require as much stuff as the dragon graveyard though so it makes a good place to start metal slime hunting. Also, make sure that Jessica has a tambourine which allows her to cast Accelerate on the party to keep them up to speed.

dq8 where to find metal slimes dragon

Missing Habitat? Bestiary No. Metal slimes: Seed of Agility Rare drop: It is marked by an orange color on the map. Baccarat Casino Explanation: Again, the fastest place is the dragon graveyard.

dq8 where to find metal slimes dragon

Read on! I assert repeatedly in this FAQ that the Dragon Graveyard DG is the fastest place to gain experience and that has proven to not be universally accepted.

Liquid metal slime

Sword level 30 Angelo: Liquid metal slimes can first be encountered in Trodain Castle, though their appearances there are very rare and only indicated by the hunter mechs in the area. This isn't the ultimate xp gain here in the Dragon Graveyard though. Zugzwang Estark's Labyrinth. Done effectively, the encounter with three Beelzebuzz and one MKS should result in over 120,000 xp.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King - Metal Slime FAQ

Since LMS come in multiples here, this is a great place to gain large experience in a regular fashion. Kamikazee Resistance. Log In Sign Up.