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Doctor Who Experience Interactive Story (Eleventh Doctor)

The Cardiff Bay exhibition was voted the number one attraction in Cardiff this exhibition opened in December 2005. You may be looking for the Doctor Who Experience from which this interactive story came from or the Eleventh Doctor interactive story from the same experience.

The Twelfth Doctor Interactive Story".

doctor who experience wiki

This venue's main attraction was a space shuttle simulation ride. In 1984 the UK's first international garden festival was held at Liverpool. Ninth Doctor 's costume.

doctor who experience wiki

The Day of the Doctor. It was designed because we did conduct some research and asked fans what they wanted from a live Doctor Who experience.

Doctor Who Experience (Llangollen)

With walk through parts of the exhibition and part where the audience becomes a part of the interactive story with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor taking part in interactive video! This portion of the Tussauds exhibition had an initial run through to 31 March 1 but it was greatly extended due to the enormous popularity. What is the future of the Doctor Who Experience? Wales Online. Cancel Save.

doctor who experience wiki

Daleks from 1984 to 2011. Up to its 2017 closure, the exhibition was regularly updated to include props and monsters up to series 10. The Doctor appears on the screen, bargaining with the Daleks to release them.

doctor who experience wiki

However this time it featured a much larger array of aliens from the series with not just the Daleks included this time, but also:. Exhibited at the Museum of the Moving Image MOMI , this exhibition had many unique features such as a walk-in Dalek where one could pretend to be a Dalek operator, a recreation of a 1960s living room and the opportunity to see a Krarg an alien created, but never seen on TV for the story Shada. Eighth Doctor 's costume.

This exhibition at the Spaceport, Merseyside built on the success of its previous exhibition returning twice the size and ran from 23 May 2008 to 1 March 2009. They attack the Dalek Paradigm ship and, on the screen, a space battle rages.

It was a "five month pageant of horticultural excellence and spectactular entertainment.

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Contents [ show ]. The Crucible Daleks counter that they are the children of Davros himself.

doctor who experience wiki

The Supreme Dalek and two drone Daleks capture the shoppers, and a screen appears showing the Daleks. BBC Exhibition Badge. There were two separate portions to this exhibition, an interactive story and a free-flow exhibition.