Csor in afghanistan what do they eat

Sebastian fired two 40 mm rounds from a stand-alone M203 into the insurgent's position. Moreover, the widespread and persisting nature of the violence seemed to indicate it was not localized to one specific area.

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He then led his assault team forward. Then, the insurgents came to life once again and showered the hallway with lead, hitting the unfortunate PRC-K member in the throat. In the northern part of [FOB] Graceland we could see out where the canal and school were situated.

The team leader was Lieutenant N James. It was huge, with many locked doors, and it required considerable time and effort. It was evident things were going on in the city.

Then suddenly, at 0055 hours, the darkness transformed to day as a huge orange fireball erupted, followed almost immediately by a huge reverberating boom as a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device VBIED , assessed as being on a timer, detonated inside of the cordon almost directly beneath the position being used by the snipers in the adjacent building.

DND photo Some of the captured munitions resulting from the engagement. The Afghan civilians were ordered to come down and taken into custody. Meanwhile, Sebastian and an Afghan crawled out to rescue their wounded colleague. Captain David and his team arrived at the RV point at approximately 1800 hours.

His continued bravery impressed Captain David. In the end, Sergeant Sebastian managed to reassemble a force and imbue them with a will to fight. It commanded a dominating position of observation and fire that swept with all approaches with deadly fire. It also permitted the more effective use of 7. Initially, they were deployed as part of the cordon around the Palace compound. It showed the amount of preparation.

From their den, they could sweep the walkway with a deadly fire that would make approaching from any direction a virtual death-wish. This devious strategy held some truth.

Strength through Personnel.