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Ferrofish A16 Ultra MkII

I've had some problems with the fan in it. Making the World More Musical. No big problem, I just opened it and moved it to the side a little. After three years I left the company as managing director, and founded Ferrofish to have the ability to realize my own ideas.

Creamware A16 16 channel I/O via ADAT

General Terms Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use. What is the piece in this Solti documentary? Thanks to the flexibility of RME, Alex said that every time he had a question, Rob was able to provide him with a solution. I like the Creamware products very much, and plan to develop new products based on this technology, like the A16 MK-II, and more.

Aktuell bei Ferrofish

Many commercial studios continue to have a preference for recording and mixing with an analogue desk, but also want the convenience of recording to a hard disk.

Deals completed off of Reverb do not qualify for Reverb Protection. The build quality is rugged, and the sound quality is right up there as well.

Its extremely high channel count makes it ideal for recording multiple sources at once, while the multiple outputs could be put to use running audio through hardware processors and effects, which could then in turn be routed back into a DAW via the inputs.

One studio that is currently making use of this setup is The Record Label, located in London. The audio quality is very good, with commendably low crosstalk and noise floors, and while, in sheer technical terms, there are measurably better converters around, none of those come anywhere close to the price of the A16 MkII. Likewise, it brings your analog signals into the digital domain with absolute fidelity.

Sell one like this. And he always seems to know the answer — he never seems to have to do any research. The level of all 64 channels are viewable at any time via the four TFT displays found on the front panel, and with the inclusion of a headphone output, you can now listen to each channel via the unit itself — a very handy addition!

So what can we expect from the Ferrofish A32? He was also pleased to find that the new system fitted comfortably into his portable flight case, meaning no additional baggage. The album, released in 2013, was met with both critical and commercial success, reaching the No 1 spot in the UK album charts and going on to be certified Platinum, as well as being nominated for the Mercury Prize.

Just plug 'n' play! Impressions The Ferrofish user manual suffers from some amusing and occasionally confusing German-English translation errors, but it provides useful explanations of the few aspects of the device that aren't entirely intuitive.

While the basic elements of the setup remain unchanged, the band wanted to add more instruments, as well as swap their analogue connections between their on stage stations to digital, in order to achieve the best possible clarity of sound arriving at the loudspeakers.

Lasting nearly seven months, she played venues across Europe and the U. It does what it's told to do. Also, if one of the cables develops a fault, it can be a very time-consuming process to find the problem cable within the group.