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Margarito interview: I think that was Cotto, who wanted to quit at the end of the 11th but was thrown in for a final round in which he got seriously battered.

Miguel Cotto beats Antonio Margarito - as it happened!

Phil Sawyer: Rios 10-9 Murray Round two: Cotto defends by pushing Margarito into the ropes for a change. And he starts the sixth round better. Rios wins: Margarito 10-9 Cotto. Third on the bill: The word is that Margarito has not yet had his hands wrapped for tonight's fight... If, as the doctors say, he is fit to fight, fine. Dan Phillips emails: Another prediction: Rios 10-10 Murray Round four: Less leaning on each other's heads now.

I think he will. After battling back from a two-fight losing streak that had plenty of observers questioning whether Cotto was still an elite boxer, he took on Martinez for the chance to win the lineal middleweight championship.

Miguel Cotto beats Antonio Margarito - as it happened!

The right decision. Then years later, we send our heroes best wishes to get well soon, when we all know he won't, and we all know why. When they're separated and jabbing, Murray has decent range but is still not landing serious punches. As they come to close quarters Margarito scores points with short straight and round arm jabs.

This Week In Boxing Biz: Miguel Cotto Vs. Yoshihiro Kamegai, Terence Crawford Ratings

One more fight before Murray-Rios. HBO's Jim Lampley getting his nose powdered as we speak. Kevin Mitchell writes:.