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Rerouting the Mail: Why Canada Post is Due for Reform

For more information contact: Britain's Royal Mail, in a bulletin to its corporate customers, said it would hold any shipments posted to Canada within the last couple of days in its distribution centres "awaiting further updates.

About the C. I give credit to Canada Post for not sugar-coating the bad news, at least, and for commissioning a Conference Board report that details the various ways that digital alternatives are supplanting physical mail. The Crown corporation says that's largely because it is taking in fewer holiday parcels than expected. Further, says Dachis, the government should directly subsidize the cost of obligations it imposes on the mail service, in particular that of maintaining equivalent urban and rural mail delivery prices, says Dachis.

OTTAWA -- With a little over a week before Christmas, Canada Post says it is starting to catch up on parcel deliveries that have been delayed by rotating strikes over the past two months. Get the App.

cd howe canada post

Indeed, the stakes for Canada appear higher than before, with advances in communication prompting new appreciation of the importance of network industries to national competitiveness and productivity.

A similar bulletin was issued by Hongkong Post and online sales giant eBay said it also received a notification from China Post that it was halting deliveries.

cd howe canada post

As well, the agency said it has hired nearly 4,000 additional seasonal employees and bolstered its delivery fleet with almost 2,000 additional vehicles. A vote will take place when Canada Post presents offers that meet our demands for health and safety, gender equality and more full-time jobs. Earlier this week, eBay called on the government to legislate an end to the dispute in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events tied to American Thanksgiving that begin Nov. Putting more of their services to tender would be a strategy to mitigate such losses.

Try one of these.

Rerouting Canada Post: How to Save the Mail Without Breaking the Bank

As Canada Post had warned, a modest 2012 operating profit was temporary. Charging more for service that is less frequent, slower and more inconvenient? Six years later, their arguments are just as pertinent.

cd howe canada post

In fact, it needs a seriously revolutionary rethink. Widely considered to be Canada's most influential think tank, the Institute is a trusted source of essential policy intelligence, distinguished by research that is nonpartisan, evidence-based and subject to definitive expert review. Senders and receivers alike are going online to communicate, advertise, inform and pay.

Canada Post must deal with 'injury crisis' to end walkouts: Are you looking for a stock? Markets As of: At the same time, Canada Post asked its international partners to halt mail and parcel shipments to Canada as it reeled under the weight of a delivery backlog that had grown to 30 days as a result of the dispute.

cd howe canada post