6 times what equals 246 decatur

6 times what equals 246 decatur

However, if a determination is made that a person holding an owner's license or a pari-mutuel pull tab license has failed to demonstrate compliance with this chapter, the person has ninety 90 days from the date of the determination of noncompliance to comply. The notice must state: The certified application must be filed before May 11 in the year containing the assessment date to which the application applies.

A to the city that is designated as the home dock of the riverboat from which the tax revenue was collected, in the case of: New Permit or Major Modification.

IC 13-11-2-177. IC 20-9. The director of the division of disability, aging, and rehabilitative services has administrative control of and responsibility for the following state institutions: The environmental management permit operation fund is established for the purpose of providing money for permitting and directly associated activities of the following programs of the department and boards: However, any amount transferred under this section from the general fund to the property tax replacement fund shall, as soon as funds are available in the property tax replacement fund, be retransferred from the property tax replacement fund to the state general fund, and the auditor of state shall issue a warrant to the treasurer of state ordering the replacement of that amount.

IC 13-18-20-4; 02 HB1001. For purposes of section 1 of this chapter, the taxpayer's adjusted gross income, for the particular taxable year, derived from sources within Indiana is the remainder determined under STEP FOUR of the following formula: An action to prosecute a crime occurring during a gambling excursion on a riverboat shall be tried in the county of the dock where the riverboat is based.

The fees and delinquency charges established under this chapter: This form shall be maintained for a period of two 2 years and shall be available to the record subject upon request. For purposes of this section, "additional credit" means: IC 4-33-6-10; 02 HB1001.

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Net gains, if any, must be held at interest to offset future losses or allocated to reduce future premiums. In addition, for purposes of STEP TWO of subsection a , the amount of a taxpayer's net operating losses that are derived from sources within Indiana shall be determined in the same manner that the amount of the taxpayer's income derived from sources within Indiana is determined, under section 2 of this chapter, for the same taxable year during which each loss was incurred.

The treasurer of state shall distribute the amounts that are required to be paid under this subdivision to the counties, cities, and convention and visitors bureaus on a monthly basis.

Assessments must be determined by the board members specified in subsection b 1 , subject to final approval by the commissioner.

The term As used in this article, "corporation" includes all corporations, associations, real estate investment trusts as defined in the Internal Revenue Code , joint stock companies, whether organized for profit or not-for-profit, any receiver, trustee or conservator thereof, business trusts, Massachusetts trusts, any proprietorship or partnership taxable under Section 1361 of the Internal Revenue Code, and any publicly traded partnership that is treated as a corporation for federal income tax purposes under Section 7704 of the Internal Revenue Code.

A taxpayer is entitled to only one 1 credit under this chapter each taxable year. To phase out the property tax on inventory, a taxpayer is entitled to a deduction from the assessed value of inventory assessed in a year equal to a percentage of assessed valuation specified in subsection b.

6 times what equals 246 decatur

However, if a person: The general reassessment scheduled to begin July 1, 2000, shall be completed on or before March 1, 2003, and shall be the basis for taxes first due and payable beginning in the following year. The distributor of the tobacco products is liable for the tax.

6 times what equals 246 decatur

IC 13-23-7-1; 02 HB1001.