Why does cat meow when i sneeze

why does cat meow when i sneeze

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why does cat meow when i sneeze

He can even be sound asleep and if I sneeze he will let out this strange meow. Name required. Share this: My cat Big Chief does the same thing.

One of the many baffling questions about cats is, why do cats meow when you sneeze? He does exactly the same when I am wrapping presents and the sellotape pulling noise….

This is Why Your Cat Acts So Weird When You Sneeze

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why does cat meow when i sneeze

Yep, there are cats who perceive sneezes as hissing and might react the way they would if it were a hiss. Related Posts.

Why Do Cats Meow When You Sneeze?

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why does cat meow when i sneeze

Cats make a cute little chirpy sound, and many times, it is when they are content watching birds or see a squirrel or chipmunk. Five Ways Cats are Accidentally Poisoned. He meows loads to that… Anyone else have this too???

why does cat meow when i sneeze

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