Whole truth about whole numbers sju

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Took Regis for whole truth of whole numbers and class was not fun. ASC150 class was great. Rommel Regis. Not bad, I would take him again.

MAT 130 whole truth about whole numbers

Level of Difficulty 2. Recommend Regis for any math class. Tests he will allow you a two-sided cheat sheet. Showing professors at. Hard to understand. He wants to be liked by his class but is not willing to do anything to make him likable when you actually need it. But Regis looks for people going the extra mile and gives them the A, his class is definitely challenging but if you go to his office hours and make a group of friends to practice with you will be okay.

Note Deleted. No Grade Received: He cares about students. Gives good feedback Respected Lots of homework Accessible outside class Get ready to read Participation matters Skip class? Really nice teacher, and its not a big deal if you make mistakes in class, but he is too smart for his own good. He's definitely not the easiest stats prof, and gives frequent projects. He is so helpful. There are also random group quizzes but if you ask him for help he will give you the answer. He loved me and I did well.

They'll do the same for you. Very nice professor. You won't pass. Would definitely take again and would definately recommend if you want to take Linear Methods 0 people found this useful 1 person did not find this useful report this rating.