Whole numbers into equivalent fractions

For this example, let the denominator be 4. References The Math Page: Here is his work: The denominator can be any integer — as long as when it is divided into the numerator, it produces the original whole number.

whole numbers into equivalent fractions

Related Content. The numerator and the denominator of a fraction must be multiplied by the same nonzero whole number in order to have equivalent fractions.

Writing a Mixed Number as an Equivalent Fraction

Print Task. Comparing Fractions 6. So, that's one of the sections right over there, another one right over here. And we've seen this already. Example 2 Two-thirds is equivalent to four-sixths. Are the fractions three-fourths and fourteen-sixteenths equivalent Yes or No?

Equivalent Fractions

Solutions Solution: Now let's do something in some ways a little bit simpler but also in some ways kind of interesting. Let's start with the whole again.

whole numbers into equivalent fractions

How to Find the Fractional Part of a Number. Simplifying Fractions 5.

Finding a Fraction of a Whole Number

So you could view this as 3 divided by 1 is equal to 3. Step 1:.

whole numbers into equivalent fractions

So, we've colored in two of the fifths and then three of the fifths. Challenge Exercises. Write the fraction five-sixths as an equivalent fraction with a denominator of 24.

Equivalent Fractions 4th grade - Finding The Missing Number & Variable - Math Examples

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