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Jomeen J. Form F1 contained both versions V1 and V2 and was designed for blinded comparison. For example, for the dialogue Have you been seen by the community therapist yet? J Trauma. This instruction incorporates social and environ- The study adopted an overarching phenomenological stance.

The protocol aims to enable the translation into languages other than English so that translated versions keep a conceptual equivalence in each country and culture. What do you do? What causes disability? The proceeding was developed over six stages: In addition to fully comprehending the ICF domains, it applies to any disease, including physical and mental dimensions, as well as disorders secondary to substance use.

WHO Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0 (WHODAS 2.0)

Have you had anything to do with this team in the life and expectations from community rehabilitation were past? J Clin Epidemiol. F8 initially rated herself without considering assistive equipment and personal assistance. Patient-reported outcome measures and performance 23. Cambridge University Press; 2009: With respect to difficulties in life, the majority Income sources of these accounts were medical complaints or bodily impairments Salary 2 Pension 3 e.

Corresponding author at. Accounts of difficulties in life and expectations from Table 7. Based on the findings of the present study, we recommend caution 12. Interviewers should determine whether responses are applicable. Translations T1 and T2 were back-translated into English by two other independent translators producing versions V1 and V2, respectively. In section 2, the item A5 - "Which describes your main work status best? Blouin M, Stone J, eds. Health Qual Life Outcomes.

Interviewees relevant for the person. In a wider rehabilitation participants, a group of older adults who all developed disabling context, Pettersson et al. Transcripts were analyzed using open coding alongside three What does community rehabilitation mean to you, pre-set coding categories difficulties in life, community rehabili- in general?