Where they at though news anchor

Derry Girls actors join Northern Ireland abortion rights protesters in... Oscars 2019 - Who's up for the main awards?

News Anchor Dances To T.I.'s 'Where They At Doe;' Co-Anchor Is Not Impressed

On camera". The producers of the Oscars say they will be able to keep the momentum...

where they at though news anchor

Dan Thorn uploaded it to this YouTube channel just over a week ago, where it received over 2m views. News blooper goes viral for dancing anchor - and thoroughly unimpressed co-anchor.

How will the Oscars cope without a host?

where they at though news anchor

In case you're wondering, his co-anchor was almost equally unimpressed by his Taylor Swift cover, although he did eventually manage to make her laugh at his antics. Clare Cullen November 7 2014 3: Dancing with the Stars returns In Pictures: Oscars 2019 — Olivia Colman gives hilarious acceptance speech Olivia Colman had the audience in stitches... In Pictures: In the video below he takes his co-anchor's iPad to use as a dancing prop, much to her chagrin.

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This Local News Reporter Dancing to T.I. Is Everything

Most Read Most Shared. Paul Whitington: Oscars 2019: Also in Entertainment.

where they at though news anchor

Caitlin McBride The internet can often be a dark place, but every now and then, a glimmer of optimism and warm fuzzy feelings emerges and makes it all worthwhile. Following the success of the clip, Thorn then released a second clip on his YouTube channel, this time dancing to Taylor Swift 's 'Shake It Off', which received over 1m views.

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News Anchor Makes T.I. Music Video, Co-Anchor Is Not Amused

The moment well known DJ, Steve Aoki,... Women dominate this year's Grammys In Pictures: Olivia Colman jokes with the press after Best Actress win Olivia Colman was still lost for words as she...

where they at though news anchor

Ian Begley "Gerrup outta da", "Ya bleedin' spanner" and "Scarlet for your ma" are some of Dublin's many notable phrases you might hear walking through the city. Fancy footwork, fake tan and flowers as competition heats up In pictures:

where they at though news anchor