Where is david icke mentally ill

David Icke

This is an edited extract from Them: Indeed these lizards must be mega-tolerant not to have eaten old Ickey alive already. That David Icke is such a charming charlatan , but I preferred him when he was a goalkeeper.

where is david icke mentally ill

Caute 20. The manager produced a sponge and began gently to clean the children's books. He was invited to speak all over the world.

where is david icke mentally ill

He left the party in 1990 and was formally banned from it in 1994, with the Greens calling his views " fascist ". Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller are rumoured to be among the berobed. It was a melancholy occasion. A person who believes that Alien Lizards are taking over the Earth. The reptilian invaders were the secret rulers of the world. Partially ripping off Zecharia Sitchin , he claims these aliens are the Anunnaki and that they have interbred with humans throughout history.

But look at him now. He also began wearing all turquoise all the time which furthered claims he was either disturbed or perhaps a reptilian himself.

Beset by lizards (part two)

But as the evening wore on, the gathering began to seem more like a postmortem than a strategy meeting. With the release of his book The Biggest Secret in 1999, Icke added the final layer on top of the pyramid of conspiracy: Much of the "evidence" of reptoids Icke's worshipers put forth are pictures of world leaders with enlarged pupils or red eye — the everyday kind of red eye in which camera flashes illuminate retinas.

Two old ladies grabbed Sam and pushed him - with unexpected savagery - against a display of new-age literature.

where is david icke mentally ill

And, as we sat on the terrace of the Havana Bar, Michael understood how he could make that happen. And so on. Support Donate. This supposedly signifies that the reptoids have momentarily lapsed in their shape-shifting. Conspiracies and Secret Societies: In 1991, on Terry Wogan's TV chat show, in the middle of talking about football the subject he was a guest on the show to talk about , Icke announced that he was "the son of God " and that Britain would be devastated by tidal waves and earthquakes the UK isn't seismically active [12].