When to take guaifenesin ttc

Please read if your TTC, This worked for me

Here are some common misconceptions about conception. Something I was wondering though. If you have sex early in your fertile period, the baby will be a boy; later, a girl. Chugging cough syrup, like Mucinex, when you aren't even sick, probably isn't the best way to try and get pregnant.

when to take guaifenesin ttc

If you've been trying to conceive TTC for a while, you will try just about anything, including taking gross cough syrup because some mom blog somewhere said it's good for your cervical mucus. Subscribe to our newsletter. J Robitussin. According to the International Journal of Clinical Medicine , it's considered safe for men to take the recommended dosage of guaifenesin for the duration of TTC.

Guaifenesin, FertileCM, and Cervical Mucus

Looking at Guaifenesin safety for Trying-to-Conceive Women For over a decade now, women have increasingly turned to Guaifenesin an expectorant drug found in many common cough syrups to increase their odds of conceiving a baby. That is to say, safe for both me or a recently conceived fetus? In fact, FertileCM, a dietary supplement designed by fertility expert Amos Grunebaum, MD, is based on compelling research in this area — and in particular on the role of nitric oxide a naturally-produced bodily chemical which has been shown to increase circulation and help promote blood flow to the uterus, ovaries, and genitals.

I had the same concerns as you.

when to take guaifenesin ttc

I continued to take it for a day or two after ovulation. Cervical mucus plays an important role in human reproduction, providing a fertile, protective medium that allows sperm to move through the cervical canal, swim the expanse of the uterus, and ultimately fertilize the egg.

While guaifenesin is generally considered safe for pregnancy , there are always risks. How does it work exactly?

when to take guaifenesin ttc

I assumed it would be okay to take the max dose that is safe according to the bottle. Trying To Conceive.

When to take mucinex?

According to Unexplained Infertility, guaifenesin makes the cervical mucus less viscous and more fluid , allowing the sperm to travel faster through the cervix to get to the egg.

Why We Archive What to Expect has thousands of open discussions happening each day. If you're having trouble TTC, see a reproductive endocrinologist.

when to take guaifenesin ttc

I've read in several posts about taking guaifenesin to improve the quality of your CM. M MommyG2Be. If you enjoy it, of course, that's another matter. I used guaifenesin last month for the first time, along with pre-seed and vitex to regulate my cycle as I didn't ovulate the month before and I got a BFP.

If I would still be able to know when I ovulate. Mommy2Elizabeth wrote: There was a thread in the last couple months about this topic.


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