Whats eating my broccoli plants

Death of seedlings after germination; brown-red or black rot girdling stem; seedling may remain upright but stem is constricted and twisted wirestem. Money-Saving Tips in Every Issue! If you let your plants get off to a healthy start by being consistent with this insect repellant, they need less of it as they get older.

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whats eating my broccoli plants

Join Date Apr 2008 Posts 1. Home Guides Garden Pest Control. Good job btw. Close-up of downy mildew lesion.

whats eating my broccoli plants

This looks like rabbit to me, since I've been feeding rabbits and having to protect everything I don't want eaten.

Now I know what to look for. Installed properly, a fence with 1-inch or smaller chicken wire mesh can deter a range of burrowing and leaping animals, including deer and rabbits.

Cabbage, Broccoli & Other Cole Crop Insect Pests

The cabbage webworm Hellula rogatalis is the larva caterpillar of a moth that has brownish-yellow front wings mottled with darker brown and pale gray rear wings. Close-up of ring spot lesions showing concentric pattern. As flies enter a field, they fly close to the ground and deposit their small white, finely ridged eggs on the plants near where the stem meets the ground or in cracks and crevices in the soil. Imported cabbageworm larva Pieris rapae.

Butterfly larvae cause damage by feeding on plants; can be distinguished from other caterpillars by its sluggish movement; in large numbers larvae can cause extensive damage very quickly. Try putting a net on the plants to see if it helps. Advantages of synthetics include faster killing and longer viability in the environment. If possible, till the soil four to six weeks before planting.

Younger plants are more susceptible to flea beetle damage than older ones; older plants can tolerate infestation; flea beetles may overwinter on nearby weed species, in plant debris or in the soil; insects may go through a second or third generation in one year.

OMG! What’s Eating the Broccoli?

Once hatched, the worms feed on both the inner and outer leaves of brassica plants, and can also be found boring into the broccoli florets and cabbage heads. Not so with the kale that was left to fend for itself all season. Destruction of the original bud causes the production of secondary buds that cannot mature by harvest-time.

whats eating my broccoli plants

The eggs stand on end in double rows and appear as tiny white kegs with black hoops. You'll find tips for slashing heating bills, growing fresh, natural produce at home, and more. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

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whats eating my broccoli plants