Whatchamacallit candy bar commercial lyrics standing

Why would Godzilla give a device that summons him to a bunch of ungrateful jerks on a boat? Achy Breaky 2 is the nadir of popular culture. It got shown on talk shows in the mid 90's so we could all go "Oh my god! They're all in my Wildlife Treasury!!!

Whatchamacallit: 6 sweet '80s jingles you'll never forget

The bad guy's bubble use to pop first, because he did not use Bubblelicious gum. Parents could call a 1-800 number to order these cards. And that's just as plain as the foam on your face!

But if we did think about …. She then orders the children to stop running around and come eat.

Episode 13 – Whatchamacallit Commercial

Are you sure you want to delete this comment? What if you could get a haircut without an app? Perfect Strangers was a quintessential 80s sitcom featuring fish-out-of-water Myposian Balki …. In 1980, the CD hadn't yet been invented, and although cassette tapes had been around since the early 1960s, many music lovers still booted up the record player and hauled out the vinyls when they wanted to hear a tune. Or, like, realign the electrons in your shoes with it.


We recommend that you keep ignoring unhealthy diet fads and get your fix below. The Gathering Commercial January 5th, 2018. Hawaiian Punch Bunch of bored kids sitting around when the little Hawaiian guy appears and says "How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?

Best Classic Candy Commercials

Are you willing to destroy the environment so your fast food hamburger can be just slightly better? From the Hi-C drink box! The kids are finally out for the evening-husband and wife give each other a knowing look.

Who is Godzooky and does he have anything to do with …. The Inspector 12 ads. All-New Wacky Packages!