What to feed a baby deer fawns

Warnings A fawn should not be fed cow's milk. If you do, then something is wrong and you need to adjust accordingly. Hold the bottle high so the fawn has to look up to drink. In general, every 2-3 hours during the day and longer intervals at night.

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Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Fawns are prone to a condition called capture myopathy , which is caused by chase and stress. I cannot get it to eat. This page has been prepared for the " UK Wildlife: Use a funnel to pour the mixture into baby bottles two per fawn per feeding.

Mother deer will stay away from the fawns to avoid leading predators to their young.

Anywhere from 3 days to two weeks depending on the ambient temperature and humidity levels. If you have problems, you should analyze your water as it may have bacteria or mineral content that is causing the problem.

what to feed a baby deer fawns

Nuflor 0. Then give it to the deer before everybody else eats it. Colostrum for feeding during the first day e.

what to feed a baby deer fawns

Fawn specific such as Superior, Zoologic, Fox Valley, etc. Learn more.

what to feed a baby deer fawns

Requires empathy, observation skills and the ability to "read" the animal's body language. See individual species information pages, sections "Appearance - Neonate" and "Life Stages - Reproductive stages". If in doubt, check Nasco.

First Aid for Wild Animals. I found that stimulating it to have a bowel movement was the key.

what to feed a baby deer fawns

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but if you look at all the data, fawns should and usually do better on species specific milk due to the fat and protein and sugar content being most similar to the doe.

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what to feed a baby deer fawns

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