What mirror produces an upright reversed image

Unlike concave mirrors , convex mirrors always produce images that share these characteristics. Regardless of exactly where the object is located between C and F, the image will be located somewhere beyond the center of curvature. A nearly spherical mirror focusses the sun's light on a small area of paper and ignites it. Finally, we should note that a mirror can invert top to bottom: How to play game.

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Thus, the surface serves as double-sided mirror, with one of the sides being the concave and one being the convex side. What if the twin's atoms are made of antiprotons, neutrons and positrons? The ratio of the image dimensions to the object dimensions is termed the "magnification". When the object is located at a location beyond the center of curvature, the image will always be located somewhere in between the center of curvature and the focal point.

Plane mirrors produce images which have a magnification of 1.

what mirror produces an upright reversed image

The object is located in front of F. So, with a very small, largely insulated target, larger mirror areas would give more and more power. What Can Teachers Do... It follows that a mirror like this is quite dangerous , especially on a sunny day: Similarly, the ceiling does not become the floor.

It might be noted from the above descriptions that there is a relationship between the object distance and object size and the image distance and image size. Plane Mirror. It is inverted. Real images can be larger than the object, smaller than the object, or the same size as the object.

Image Characteristics for Concave Mirrors

Mirror Game. That is to say, if the object is right side up, then the image is upside down.

what mirror produces an upright reversed image

Besides the fact that plane mirror images are "virtual", there are several other characteristics which are worth noting. If you stand a distance of 2 meters from a plane mirror, you must look at a location 2 meters behind the mirror in order to view your image.

what mirror produces an upright reversed image

And the upright images produced by plane mirrors have the same size as the object. The disadvantage is that a sphere does focus parallel light to a single point.

Case 2: This produces an image that is also at a distance of twice the focal length.

Image Characteristics for Convex Mirrors

Finally, the image is a real image. A larger version of this photo is shown at right. The object is located between C and F.