What is wbs work package

At this level, the specific work packages required to produce the sub- deliverable are identified and grouped together. Work Breakdown Structure Deliverable. See also: By integrating the cost accounts from the organizational breakdown structure and the project's work breakdown structure, the entire organization can track financial progress in addition to project performance.

The work breakdown structure has a number of benefits in addition to defining and organizing the project work.

what is wbs work package

Figure 1. The project team creates the project work breakdown structure by identifying the major functional deliverables and subdividing those deliverables into smaller systems and sub-deliverables. These departments, or cost accounts, are defined in an organizational breakdown structure and are allocated a budget to produce the specific deliverables.

What is a Work Package in Project Management?

First Name. Project teams can use low-technology tools like a white board, note cards, or sticky note pads to identify major deliverables, sub-deliverables, and specific work packages. Figure 3 provides an example of a work breakdown structure using Matchware MindView.

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What are work packages and WBS dictionary?

These sub-deliverables are further decomposed until a single person can be assigned. From a cost perspective, these work packages are usually grouped and assigned to a specific department to produce the work.

what is wbs work package

Follow us. A work breakdown structure starts with the project as the top level deliverable and is further decomposed into sub-deliverables using the following outline hierarchy Figure 2:.

what is wbs work package

Nailed It! MatchWare MindView is an easy-to-use mind mapping software package that supports work breakdown structures , project outlines, Gantt charts , and exports easily into Microsoft Project for further schedule definition.

These budget and duration estimates can easily be exported into Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project for additional planning and analysis. A natural extension of the work breakdown structure is the project schedule.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Enjoy the Turkey: Mobile apps. Glossary Next X. If a work breakdown structure has a branch that is not well defined then it represents a scope definition risk. Leading companies choose Wrike.

Project managers want tools that help accelerate their work and reduce the administrative burden that accompanies project management processes. Tasks are typically grouped into work packages based on geographical area, engineering discipline, technology, or the time needed to accomplish them. An easy way to think about a work breakdown structure is as an outline or map of the specific project.

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what is wbs work package