What is dying lights resolution

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Dying light: The following Enhanced Edition pc resolution! HELP ASAP.

Hello, I installed yesterday the fall upgrade for windows and since then dying light won't run in fullscreen. Any possible way to revert the update? Also, try syncing your refresh rate. Post thread. Features galore, an entire new world to play in and a whole lot more awaits potential buyers here but as this is Digital Foundry, we were most interested in what this means for presentation and performance.

Order Newest Oldest Best Worst. You can always create a custom resolution in the Nvidia Control Panel and try that. It wasn't common enough to spoil the game but it definitely impacted the experience.

Digital Foundry vs Dying Light: The Following

Unfortunately, this applies to all versions, including the PC game. In Dying Light, this OS level option triggers a bug that basically forces a double buffer v-sync mode rather than the standard adaptive v-sync mode.

Per page: And to what extent is the E3 2017 vision actually delivered? The problem is that when I set my resolution to 1600x900 and toggle fullscreen on, the game is in borderless and not covering the whole screen background is appearant for me as well. These issues may seem minor on paper but the reality is that they are problems that should not be present in a definitive release - especially one which has received so much attention from its developer over the past year.

what is dying lights resolution

Oh, and Dying Light: Share Tweet Submit. Search Advanced….

what is dying lights resolution

Once again we see a subtle difference in hue. Thread starter gigabyte2020 Start date Aug 19, 2017. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Jan 3, 2019. I own Dying light the following enhanced edition. Dying Light standalone battle royale game in Early Access next month. The Following — Enhanced Edition.

what is dying lights resolution

So i have to disagree with you that game cant be ran above 1080p. Moderators online.

what is dying lights resolution

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