What is dieldrin used for

Results from animal studies show that high levels of aldrin and dieldrin cause effects on the nervous system and on the kidneys similar to those seen in people. Women of Pakistan …. Pregnant animals given aldrin or dieldrin by mouth had some babies with low birth weights and some with skeletal variations.

The uses and effects of dieldrin

Inhalation of moderate levels of dieldrin over long periods of time can cause a range of adverse health effects including headaches, dizziness, uncontrollable muscle movements irritability, and vomiting. Families with the greatest risk of exposure to aldrin and dieldrin are those living in homes that were once treated with either chemical for termite protection.

what is dieldrin used for

Health effects may also occur after a longer period of exposure to smaller amounts because these chemicals build up in the body.

In addition, animals born to mothers who have eaten large amounts of aldrin or dieldrin do not live very long. For most people, exposure to aldrin and dieldrin occurs when they eat foods contaminated with either chemical.

More information on the chemical and physical properties of aldrin and dieldrin is found in Chapter 4.

what is dieldrin used for

For more information about this message, please visit this page: Because aldrin changes to dieldrin fairly quickly in the body, the test has to be done shortly after you are exposed to aldrin.

For more information, see Chapter 8.

what is dieldrin used for

Potential effects on children resulting from exposures of the parents are also considered. More information on the production and use of aldrin and dieldrin is found in Chapter 5.

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Studies in animals show that both aldrin and dieldrin enter the body quickly after exposure. Your doctor might need to ask your state health department to investigate.

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The federal government develops regulations and recommendations to protect public health. In this profile, the two chemicals are discussed together because aldrin readily changes into dieldrin once it enters either the environment or your body.

Aldrin converts to dieldrin once inside the body therefore exposure to aldrin can also result in elevated dieldrin levels in the body.

what is dieldrin used for

Therefore, you can find dieldrin in places where aldrin was originally released. Children can be exposed to aldrin and dieldrin in the same way as adults. We do not know whether aldrin or dieldrin affect reproduction in humans.

what is dieldrin used for