What is colposcopy in spanish

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Sometimes this mixture causes mild stinging. You may feel some movement inside the vagina when the doctor swabs the cervix and vagina a Pap smear.

what is colposcopy in spanish

Por lo general no es necesario tomar medicina para el dolor. After care: Pain medicine is usually not needed, but if you wish, you may take 2 ibuprofen tablets 200mg one hour before the exam.

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It may also be done if cervical abnormalities are detected during a pelvic examination. Language Access and Nondiscrimination: Call Your Doctor 1.

Days admitted: All of our services are provided in a courteous, compassionate and confidential environment. University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority. The patient should contact the doctor if the following symptoms occur: Colposcopy in Spain: Reasons you may need this exam 1.

Colposcopy in Spain

Sign Up. Do not use creams or gels in the vagina before the exam for at least 2 days. Procedure Prices Colposcopy upon request.

what is colposcopy in spanish

Colposcopy in Spain Hospitals, clinics and medical centers in Spain performing Colposcopy. Then, acetic acid is applied to the cervix, which helps in highlighting abnormal sites.

what is colposcopy in spanish

The biopsy and Pap smear results take two weeks to return.