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We were moving the office. You will hear how pride interrupted a friendship for over a year only to be mended by a mutual friend Drew Mills. For the next three years, they weathered the storm. Howard Bomstein followed his gut and went to work for the late John Govatos and his partner Brad Dunn. They were also feeling the strain of the failing markets.

Skip to content http: Rob and Howard merged firms and Howard took his remaining 9 employees and clients to Virginia. Your email address will not be published. He teaches marketing and branding. Howard worked for the Washington Times for only about nine 9 months.

US Army MOS (Army jobs)

After the expiration of his 3 year agreement with Rob Whittle, Howard came back to work in advertising in Washington DC. Howard never knew his Dad. Andy asks Howard about his family and how he and his wife Polly met. Howard Bomstein was born in Washington DC in 1948 to immigrant parents. It was pretty severe.

Listen in to the details starting at 15: Andy recognizes the help Howard has been to his wife, Janice, and her company, Best Bark Communications.

Howard Bomstein – Advertising Manager Washington Post

It made perfect sense. Andy asks Howard Bomstein if he misses the advertising agency business. Andy asks Howard what led him into advertising and starting his own agency. We invite you to listen to each new episode of Our Town as they roll out over the next several months.