What does time honoured tradition means

More Definitions for time-honored. Slingshot Irving W. Born with incredible clairvoyant powers, the anonymous author could see auras and spirits, yet failed to realise that other people were not similarly gifted.

What is "time-honoured"

Share time-honored. Play the game. The historic and time-honored art of empire-building is the only art they know. The definition of time-honoured in the dictionary is having been observed for a long time and sanctioned by custom.


Learn More about time-honored. And for some... A time-honoured tradition for Canada's future heroes was eloquently played out this month at the Innisfail Royal Canadian Legion. Also that one swyne...

what does time honoured tradition means

Winners dazzle at the time-honoured classic weekend on Lake Como. Some of these phrases have magnetism. Explore the year a word first appeared. Were they true messengers of the gods--this Zaac Tepal, as thou callest him, and the small white woman in rags whom he brought hither, and whom, thou, Keorah, for thine own purposes, hast suffered to usurp thy place--were they messengers of the gods, I say, would they need instruction concerning a time-honoured custom among the children of Aak?

Meaning of "time-honoured" in the English dictionary

Need even more definitions? GTUC will be guided by time-honoured principles under this new …. Act 17 of 2001 amending Article 90 of the 1980 constitution , which...

what does time honoured tradition means

Bake is the ultimate guide on how to get the best results from your oven. Representatives of the PPP are today raising concerns as to respecting time- honoured principles, international charters, conventions and laws.

what does time honoured tradition means