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Sampling of the fishfauna in the ladder Samplings were carried out in the warm-wet season November 2008 and January 2009 and in the cold-dry season July 2009 , three times during 24 h. A sequence of dams is more drastic in cutting the connection up- and downstream of the dam for the whole fish fauna, not only for preventing the gene flow but for impairing the access to suitable spawning and feeding grounds. After the closure of the dam two artificial ponds were formed and one is connected with the reservoir.

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Conservation Biology, 22: The species grouped as "Others", which contributed with 7. In addition, the currents in the river channel could be more attractive for those species. Agostinho A. Dowstream and not far from the dam there are marginal lakes and a floodplain, in the area of the Salto Grande Reservoir. We thank T. What does an oceanographer do? Ediciones Omega, Barcelona, 951p.

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The study was driven by the questions: Therefore, we may hypothesize that before the construction of the Ourinhos Dam, two situations might be depicted for migratory species: In addition, dams control floods on the impounded river Agostinho et al. Nakatani, A. Ferreira, A. In the ladder of Ourinhos, predation was low or absent, as only juveniles of two species, Cichla temensis and C.

Distribution and feeding ecology of fishes in a Brazilian reservoir: Agostinho C. Individuals observed in the ladder's window were moving up- and down the passage. Margalef, R.