Tolleson lumber company sold what happens

Interfor Forest Acquires Tolleson Lumber for $130 Million

A made the jump to North America ' s fifth largest lumber company this week in announcing a cash-and-shares agreement to purchase two sawmills and a remanufacturing plant in the U. Davies and Wood met often during the dispute and developed a respect for each other despite their opposing views. Davies said nothing specific has been discussed "but there should be some pretty interesting opportunities. Interfor is currently ranked eighth largest in North America by capacity.

Tolleson's mills are also low-cost performers and will begin adding cash to Interfor's bottom line once the deal closes. For Davies, the deal has a personal side as well.

tolleson lumber company sold what happens

They are not all the same markets, they are not all the same customers," he said. Wood will remain with Interfor in an advisory capacity once the deal closes towards the end of the current quarter.

tolleson lumber company sold what happens

View comments. Ilim and Interfor are also considering other initiatives together, from importing European lumber to co-operating in exports in other offshore markets.

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Interior and the U. Ilim will have a a 5. Vancouver-based Interfor TSX: By Gordon Hamilton February 10, 2014, 11: Interfor's three U. The cash and share arrangement gives Ilim continued exposure to the recovery of the U. The deal was announced over the holiday weekend. It gives us a continental footprint as opposed to being a regional player.

tolleson lumber company sold what happens

South and transforms the company from a regional to a continental lumber producer, Interfor president Duncan Davies said Tuesday. Davies said the acquisition made sense both strategically and financially. Tolleson's two mills, in Perry and Preston, Georgia, have a lumber capacity of 400 million board feet a year, bringing Interfor's total lumber production capacity to 2. Ilim will also have one seat on Interfor's board of directors.

But he said the deal marks a significant transformation for Interfor, which was essentially a small coastal B.