Powershell where-object contains space

powershell where-object contains space

Try with.. Microsoft Office. Indicates that this cmdlet gets objects if the property value does not match the specified regular expression. INotLike Position: ConfigurationMgrDistrict Passionate people that gather together, and create awesome things!

powershell where-object contains space

View on GitHub. Basic comparison operators work on almost any kind of object. A comparison operator compares the items that appear on each side of it.

powershell where-object contains space

Wildcards return more positives, but the base part must be correct. Post to Cancel.

Quick tip: Dealing with special characters in Variables and Property names

These commands are equivalent and can be used interchangeably. None Accept pipeline input: Experts Exchange. For example:.

Comparison statement. And, as with objects, if we have key names with space or special characters, we need to wrap them in quotation marks to be able to use them. An insight into my workings and inner most thoughts.

Removing Objects from the Pipeline (Where-Object)

I know it doesn't read as nicely when you say it out loud. Enclose the type name in square brackets. The where alias is substituted for the Where-Object cmdlet name and all optional parameter names are omitted. You may want to filter to only select the drivers set to start automatically by testing the StartMode value as well:.

Next Article: Note 3: But see what happens for the property names with space and a special character! Comparison operators begin with a '-' character and are followed by a name.

powershell where-object contains space