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Specifies the name of the directory where the decay results are to be stored. If the code is compiled into a library called libExampleRNG. The real-emission contribution, including subtraction terms, to the NLO cross section is computed using.

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A merging approach similar to [ Hoe09 ] was presented in [ Ham09a ] for the special case of angular-ordered parton showers. It Was Gummy... If the setup at hand involves hadron collisions and thus PDFs, the value of the strong coupling constant is automatically set consistent with the PDF fit and can not be changed by the user.

For complicated processes the evaluation of one-loop matrix elements can be very time consuming. Sherpa checks for memory leaks during integration and event generation. A list of available vector functions and operators can be found here Interpreter. Some of the most prominent mistakes are listed here: Couplings specified by an additional parameter in a form which is understood by the internal interpreter, see Interpreter.

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You can get started by downloading the SugarSync app, which lets you drag and drop your files and folders. This is done automatically in the test scripts of the Using the Python interface.

The default value for protons is 0. On 10.

Sherpa 2.1.0 Manual

If SQLite is not installed on your system, the Sherpa configure script provides the fallback option of installing it into the same directory as Sherpa itself. Allows for the specification of a ME-level observable in which the event generation should be flattened. David Hall is hosting a repository for Homebrew packages at: In the case of competing peaks e.

Business and enterprise plans for additional storage and users are also available. The right- and left-handed couplings to each of the fermions are set here.