Nowoczesna pl olechowski o

Only two weeks ago the same opinion poll ranked Civic Platform first, but now, Kukiz and Nowoczesna. Chemnitz neo-Nazis pose questions for Germany 30.

nowoczesna pl olechowski o

EU Council chair Tusk has called for a balanced EU policy on migration, warned against treaty change, and said he aims to promote banking and market union. He was replaced by Ewa Kopacz, who took over both the government and the party leadership. Horst Seehofer's CSU party took a tough line on migration at its congress and distanced itself from Merkel on foreign policy. Opinion Poland: For the first time in seven years Poland's governing centre-right party, Civic Platform CP , has fallen to third place in public affections.

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Minister's resignation impugns Macron's green image 28. Ewa Kopacz took over from Tusk but her party is suffering in the polls Photo: Former Malta opposition leader fears for his life 17. Aug 2018, 17: European Council.

nowoczesna pl olechowski o

But the result is more of a protest against an out-of-touch elite. According to the latest opinion poll, conducted by Millward Brown for TVN24 tv station, just 17 percent of voters plan to back it in October's parliamentary election.

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Migration is 'mother of all problems', says German interior minister 6. Watch our founder Lisbeth Kirk explain the reasons in this 30 seconds video.

nowoczesna pl olechowski o

May 2015, 15: They also agreed that a referendum should be held on scrapping state-budget financing of political parties and single mandate district elections. Following the controversial dismantling of a funded pension scheme and a reluctance - despite promises - to reduce unfair tax and pension privileges for teachers or uniformed services, CP is losing its credibility among the voters.

Feb, 16: His programme is similar to what Donald Tusk declared in 2001, when he founded CP", says Wojciech Jablonski, a political scientist from Warsaw University.

But according to commentators she lacks charisma and political instinct. Feb, 14: Spain world's healthiest country 26. Sep 2018, 09: Many European commentators have said Duda's victory means Poland has shifted to the right.

The French Guiana spaceport has been the site of European launches for decades. News in Brief 26.