Nippondenso 10p15c noise when running

nippondenso 10p15c noise when running

Additional tools maybe needed such as a manifold gauge set, refrigerant oil injector, feeler gauge, and torque wrench. It's a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Repair leak source. Failure to maintain the proper spacing, as indicated in the mfgrs.

If a tool should fail during the guarantee period it will be replaced at no charge. Low oil will cause binding. Repair or replace the clutch. Air gap is too small.

nippondenso 10p15c noise when running

Tech Tip: Retaining ring should be facing away from the compressor, fully seated in groove, lug of ring should not be over the anti-rotation pin, and field ring tight against the compressor.

Check torque specs.

nippondenso 10p15c noise when running

Rotor dragging. Thread the inner part of the tool onto the shaft. Compressor is seized or tight. This does not apply to tools that have been altered or misused.

You can check for ease of rotation. CPS Products, Inc. Also the MACS Mobile Air Conditioning Society publishes a comprehensive air conditioning service manual that will supply wiring diagrams,component locations, trouble codes, serpentine belt specs, and additional service information.

Position the shaft key in place.

DENSO 10PA 15C Replacing Bearing on A/C compressor

Wrong coil snap ring and installed wrong. Reset and shim if necessary.

air conditioning compressor/clutch service manual

High heat coming from clutch bearing will produce loose grease and then bearing failure. Repair or replace clutch if damaged. Condenser restrictions from blockage or improper fan operation will reduce air flow and raise discharge pressures. A few models will have to be replaced during retrofit. Possible causes of high ratios are refrigerant overcharges and air in the system.

nippondenso 10p15c noise when running

Repair or replace. Check for missing or improperly installed snap ring. The field shell pilot is worn oversize.