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Change Country. I'd like to know if this product functions as advertised. Digital Inputs: Latest News Archive.

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Marantz is proud to unveil the new flagship AV receiver, the SR7007. Build The casework, available in black or silver, has the typical current Marantz look with a legible white-on-black text display, straight-up directional buttons and a Marantz badge. BoredSysAdmin posts on May 04, 2016 12: Marantz's new 7. The headphone connection has a volume control and is p owered by a dedicated headphone amplifier circuit that features HDAM technology.

Marantz NA8005 Review

Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up? Find out more. This year Marantz celebrates 60 years of devotion to music and introduces two new super-slim network AV Receivers for design - and space-conscious home cinema enthusiasts. The Marantz Hi-Fi Remote app should offer an easy control method to browse music libraries, build playlists and control further Marantz devices. AirPlay music streaming.

Marantz NA8005 Network Audio Player & DAC Preview

Good luck! We are pleased to announce The Reference 10 Series! News To be completely up to date on Marantz products, product launches, reviews, press releases and exhibitions, our most recent information can be found below. Stating that the ''UD7006 paints a stunningly detailed and texture rich picture.

Marantz unveils new full-size Network AV Receiver SR5011 The new SR5011 comes with a full-size cabinet housing 7x 180 Watts and selected high grade components, paired with advanced wireless connectivity and total ease-of-use.

Using this connection lets the NA8005 operate as a sound card for the PC. Marantz NA8005 audio out.